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College (College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering) Introduction

The college recruited its first undergraduate students in 1958 and set up different departments in 1960. College of Mechanical Engineering was established in January 1994 and renamed as College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering in July 1997.

The 99-member staff of the college includes 16 professors, 35 associate professors, 4 funded by 333 Project , 6 funded by Blue Innovation Project of JiangSu Province, 9 funded by Six Talent Peak Project of Jiangsu Province. The college set up nearly 200 courses for students in Nanjing Forestry University. In recent years, teachers and students of the college have published more than 30 teaching materials and 500 papers, achieved more than 30 patents and completed nearly 200 subjects.

The college has 6 departments of Forest Machinery, Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering, Automation, Processing Equipment and Control Engineering, Measurement and Control Technology, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering; 2 teaching research sections of Engineering Graphics and Mechanics; 3 experimental centers of Basic Machinery, Mechanical Engineering Testing, Automation and Control Technological Experiment. It covers a laboratory area of more than 6700 square meters and processes various experimental equipment worth about 12 million RMB.

It has a Mechanical Engineering First-order Postdoctoral Research Station, a Mechanical Engineering First-order Doctoral Program, a Mechanical Engineering First-order Master’s Degree Program. There are five second-order doctoral programs, namely Machinery Manufacturing and Automation, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Design and Theory, Vehicle Engineering and Forestry Machinery Engineering. It has seven second-order master’s degree programs, namely Machinery Manufacturing and Automation, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Design and Theory, Vehicle Engineering, Detection Technology and Automation, Forestry Machinery Engineering, and Control Theory and Control Engineering. It also has two engineering master’s degree programs of Mechanical Engineering and Control Engineering and an agricultural extension master’s degree program of Agricultural Mechanization.

It has five undergraduate programs, namely Machinery Manufacturing and Automation (it has two professional directions: Mechanical Design and Automation, Machinery Manufacturing and Automation), Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Automation, Processing Equipment and Control Engineering, Measurement and Control Technology, among which Machinery Manufacturing and Automation is a national distinctive discipline program, Machinery Manufacturing and Automation, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Processing Equipment and Control Engineering are key majors in Jiangsu Province.

There are nearly 1600 undergraduates and 220 graduate students are being cultivated by the college recently. Due to its good teaching and learning style, students graduated from the college are welcomed by employers and are in short supply over many years. Its employment rate of graduates has been ranked the forefront in Jiangsu Province.

The college has actively pursued academic exchanges, such as sending teachers to visit the United States, Germany, Japan, Finland, Korea and other countries and carry out cooperation research, inviting and receiving experts from the United States, Germany, Canada, Vietnam and other countries to conduct academic exchanges. During many years of scientific research and teaching, the college has established excellent conditions for scientific research, formed a strong scientific research team and set up several unique research directions: advanced mechanical design and theory, design of new forestry and woodworking machinery, research on mechanical vibration and noise, mechatronics and CAD/CAM, research on mechanical material structure and strength, technology and equipment for precise pesticide spraying, technology and equipment for deep processing of agricultural products, plant protection machinery, agriculture and forestry robot, design of screw pump, logistics engineering, digital imaging and control technology and so on. In recent years, teachers of the college have presided over or participated in more than 60 scientific research projects, such as National Science and Technology Support Plan, Chinese National Programs for High Technology Research and Development (863), State Bureau of Forestry 948 Project, Chinese National Natural Science Foundation, special research grants for non-profit public service, scientific research projects at ministerial or provincial level, accumulating research funding of more than 15 million RMB and establishing extensive contacts with manufacturers, universities and research institutions both at home and abroad.

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